Olim Kamalov was born in Dushanbe, Tajikistan in May 1960 in a family of a composer and a librarian. In 1979, Kamalov has graduated from the Art College named by M. Olimov. Currently, he is the Deputy Director and teacher of miniature art at the Mino Art House, an illustrator at the Adib publishing-house, and lecturer at the Institute of Arts in Dushanbe, Tajikistan. 

Kamalov was awarded the medal of honoured artist of the Republic of Tajikistan. In 2017, Kamalov was the winner of the first prize at the International Festival of Miniature in Iran, the homeland of Persian miniature. He also received the 2nd prize at the International Cultural Festival of Illumination and Miniature, Algeria in 2013. His paintings have been exhibited in many countries, including Switzerland, Iran, India, China, Russia and France.

Six of Kamalov's works were transferred to the British Museum’s permanent collection and are to be displayed from 2018 onward. You can find images of these works in the Collections section above. 

Olim Kamalov is one of the few painter-miniaturists in Tajikistan who has his own specific comprehension of Persian miniature classical art. Kamalov’s works demonstrate his knowledge of tradition of miniature painting, as seen in his use of color effects and brushwork. The inimitable beauty of the miniature painting comes from the refined lines of the drawing, the brilliance and gentleness of the colors, their complex and harmonies arrangement of details.

Through pictorial heritage of the great artist of the East Kamaladdin Bihzad of 15th century, Kamalov’s creative methods correspond to artistic standards of miniature with its meticulous manner of painting. Kamalov also explores traditional stories of Tajik poetry in his detailed compositions. He created a cycle of Bihzad’s works for Nizami Ganjavi poems Khamsa. Moreover, he combines the serene perfection of the classical 15th century Persian miniature with elements of modern art and the zetgeist.

During his career Kamalov contributed in the production of different kinds of art and media (canvas and paper surface, wood, metal and others). Although his art-works cover a wide range of themes both contemporary and traditional, he likes to preserve the medieval creative methods as well. Kamalov’s miniatures are the embodiment of regional tradition and his contemporary aesthetic ideals.







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Dushanbe, Tajikistan. London, UK